Hear how Volund is captured by the evil king Nithuth, and how he gets his revenge. We explore themes relating to society and technology, and the dange...View Details

This is the conclusion of the story of Joukahainen, and this poem wraps up some of the themes which started in the Runos 3 to 5. As Väinämöinen travel...View Details

In this episode we cover some of the history and traditions of Yule, the pre-Christian midwinter festival of the Norse and Germanic peoples. We discus...View Details

This humorous story involves Thor, Loki, and Freya retrieving a stolen Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, from the giant Thrym. Among other things, Thor get...View Details

This is a story about moving on after a period of grief. In the aftermath of the Fate of Aino, Väinämöinen struggles to come to terms with the loss of...View Details

The Gods hold a feast in the hall of Aegir! Everyone is there! Odin, Frigg, Freyr, Freya, Njord, Vidar. Everyone but Thor. Loki is there too. And Loki...View Details

We are joined by Einar Selvik of Norwegian band Wardruna! We discuss the influences behind Einar's music, the way he brings relevant elements of the p...View Details

In Kalevala Runo 4 we read about the Fate of Aino, who was promised to marry Väinämöinen by her brother Joukahainen. This episode includes discussion ...View Details

We are joined by Heri Joensen of the Faroese metal band Týr. We discuss the mythological and traditional inspirations of the band, themes in Týr's alb...View Details

We conclude our series on the Havamal and we cover one of the most important stories of Norse Mythology: Odin's sacrifice on the world tree to win the...View Details

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