Here you can find music from guests on the show as well as music we've mentioned on the podcast. 

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Tuomas Rounakari

Tuomas Rounakari joined us for Episode 19 of the podcast. We had a fantastic conversation about his work with the Khanty peoples of Western Siberia, his musical projects, and his experience with shamanism.



Shamanviolin is Tuomas' musical project inspired by his discovery of old recordings of traditional Siberian music. 

Kulkija by Korpiklaani

Tuomas has been a member of Korpiklaani since 2012, and their album Kulkija was released in 2018. 


We have referenced Wardruna multiple times on our show. Their unique music is inspired by Norse Mythology and has focused on the runes for their first 3 albums. If you enjoy the show, we think it's very likely you'll like Wardruna. 

Runaljod – Yggdrasil

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