We continue our look at the Voluspa. We hear the tragedy of Baldur, we meet Loki and see the beginning of the end of the world. Would you like to hear more, listener?

This is the Northern Myths Podcast, an archetypal exploration of the myths and legends of Northern Europe. Join us as we learn about Norse Mythology, Jungian Archetypes, and much more. Dan and Luke have a passion for mythology, and together we hope to explore these myths and legends and explain them in a way that can appeal to everyone in the modern world, and learn how to apply their lessons to everyday life.

The Poetic Edda is the primary original source for the myths and legends of Norse Mythology. The Poetic Edda includes everything from the creation of the world to its destruction in Ragnarok, from the adventures of Thor to the wisdom of Odin. We are exploring these timeless stories to learn how the Norse people understood the world, and how we can apply their worldview to life today.

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If you'd like to follow along with our reading of the Poetic Edda you can pick up the great translation of the Poetic Edda we're reading by Jackson Crawford, you can purchase it here: The Poetic Edda by Jackson Crawford

It is also available as an audiobook which we highly recommend. Dr. Crawford has a great voice for it, and actually pronounces everything properly. It's a must have if you like our show! Available here: The Poetic Edda Audiobook

Show Outline:

0:00:00 - Introduction, correction about Ymir
0:09:18 - Stanza 27: The eye of Odin and the ear of Heimdall
0:18:03 - Stanza 28: Odin's eye hidden in the well of Mimir
0:36:44 - Stanza 29: Odin pays the seeress for her knowledge
0:42:25 - Stanza 30: Introduction to the Valkyries
0:49:49 - Stanzas 31-33: The death of Baldr. The life-death-rebirth story central to Norse mythology.
1:29:50 - Stanza 34: Introduction to Loki as a prisoner of the Gods
1:48:14 - Stanzas 35-36: The river of Slith, the golden hall of Sinder, and Okolnir, the beer-hall of Brimir.
1:55:15 - Stanzas 37-38: The destination of murderers, adulterers and oathbreakers
2:05:40 - Stanzas 39-40: Fenrir, the wolf of chaos and destruction, and the Fimbulwinter
2:19:07 - Stanzas 41-42: The giants are cheerful, roosters crow in all the worlds
2:28:15 - Stanza 43: More about Fenrir, the introduction of Ragnarok
2:37:44 - Stanza 44: Society breaking down as the world descends into chaos
2:48:58 - Conclusion, acknowledgments

If you'd like to follow along with us or learn more about the ideas we talk about on the show, we have a list of recommended books on our website. Included are our recommended copies of the Poetic Edda and the Kalevala, as well as books about archetypal narrative, comparative religion, and more: Recommended Books

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