We conclude our series on the Voluspa. We read about Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, their Doom, the Death of Odin, and the inevitable, terrible destruction of the world. But all is not lost. Would you like to hear more?

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The Poetic Edda is the primary original source for the myths and legends of Norse Mythology. The Poetic Edda includes everything from the creation of the world to its destruction in Ragnarok, from the adventures of Thor to the wisdom of Odin. We are exploring these timeless stories to learn how the Norse people understood the world, and how we can apply their worldview to life today.

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Show Outline:

0:00:00 - Introduction, recap of previous episode
0:04:24 - Stanza 45: Giants getting ready to attack Ragnarok, Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn, Odin talks with Mimir
0:10:59 - Stanza 46: Yggdrasil sighs when the giants shake it
0:14:40 - Stanza 47: Revisiting the Fenris refrain
0:21:48 - Stanzas 48-49: Hrim, the Midgard Serpent, and Loki advance on the Gods with Naglfar
0:42:47 - Stanza 50: All good beings of the world are at risk, the Aesir are in council
0:46:16 - Stanza 51: Surtr the spirit of fire arrives, men walk the road to Hel.
0:53:49 - Stanza 52: The death of Odin by Fenrir
1:13:59 - Stanza 53: Vidar, the son of Odin, gets revenge for the death of his father.
1:26:46 - Stanza 54: Thor fights the Midgard serpent and they kill each other
1:43:44 - Stanzas 55-56: The sun turns black, the earth sinks into the sea.
1:51:14 - Stanza 57: The rebirth of the world
2:00:35 - Stanzas 58-59: Return to the golden age, the reclamation of Odin's old wisdom.
2:08:30 - Stanza 60: The return of Baldr and Hod into the new world
2:25:20 - Stanza 61: Hoenir speaks prophecies, Baldr and Vidar rule.
2:30:00 - Stanza 62: Baldr's hall and the bold men that live there.
2:32:36 - Stanza 63: Nithogg the dragon and the return of chaos.
2:36:12 - Recap of Voluspa and conclusion

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