We continue our series on the Havamal, the book of wisdom attributed to Odin. We read about friendship, charity, and the burden of responsibility. 

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The Poetic Edda is the primary original source for the myths and legends of Norse Mythology. The Poetic Edda includes everything from the creation of the world to its destruction in Ragnarok, from the adventures of Thor to the wisdom of Odin. We are exploring these timeless stories to learn how the Norse people understood the world, and how we can apply their worldview to life today.

The Havamal is the collection of poetry attributed to Odin. It is included in the Poetic Edda and is a core element of Norse Mythology. The Havamal is a book of wisdom full of contraditions. At once it is an example of how to live and a cautionary tale mistakes to avoid. Included in the Havamal are the stories of the winning of the mead of poetry and Odin's sacrifice of himself to himself to discover the runes.

If you'd like to follow along with our reading of the Poetic Edda you can pick up the great translation of the Poetic Edda we're reading by Jackson Crawford, you can purchase it here: The Poetic Edda by Jackson Crawford

It is also available as an audiobook which we highly recommend. Dr. Crawford has a great voice for it, and actually pronounces everything properly. It's a must have if you like our show! Available here: The Poetic Edda Audiobook

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Show Outline: 

00:04:13 - Stanza 28: Wisdom and keeping secrets
00:09:55 - Stanza 29: Talking too much and without thinking
00:14:04 - Stanza 31: Talking about people behind their back.
00:16:28 - Stanza 30: Don't ridicule people when they are in your debt.
00:21:57 - Stanza 32: Conflict between men.
00:33:23 - Stanza 33: When to eat. Hangry.
00:36:43 - Stanza 34: Bad friends and good friends
00:41:12 - Stanza 35: How to be a good guest
00:48:53 - Stanza 36: Be thankful for having a home.
00:54:20 - Stanza 38: Always be prepared
00:57:36 - Stanza 39: Social contract.
01:03:42 - Stanza 40: Use money for what it's meant to be used for
01:11:28 - Stanza 41: Mutual giving and generosity
01:16:14 - Stanza 42: Friends and enemies
01:25:58 - Stanza 43: The enemy of my enemy is my friend
01:30:30 - Stanza 44-46: Good friends, bad friends and everything in between.
01:35:35 - Stanza 47: Alone and Lost
01:42:55 - Stanza 48: Being kind and brave
01:48:21 - Stanza 49: Naked and ashamed
02:03:43 - Stanza 50: People need community
02:10:28 - Stanza 51: False friends
02:12:29 - Stanza 52: Meaningful gift giving
02:15:57 - Stanza 53: Little minds
02:25:14 - Stanza 54-56: How wise should you be? 

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