In this episode we return to the Kalevala with Kalevala Runo 9 - The Origin of Iron. Väinämöinen is being healed by the old man he met at the end of the last Runo, and they discuss the mythological origin of iron. This poem deals with the development of technology, both through the development of refining iron into steel and subsequently into tools and weapons, as well as the development of methods of healing!

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The Kalevala is the epic national poem of Finland. Compiled by Elias Lönnrot from folk poetry from throughout Finland, Karelia, Estonia, and what is now northwest Russia, the Kalevala describes the worldview of the Finnish people from ancient times through to the modern day. It includes the adventures of Väinämöinen and Joukahainen, Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen, from the distant lands of Pohjola, to Kalevala's wide heathlands.

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