We are joined for the second time by Siobhan Clark, author of Children of Midgard and host of the Myth Legend & Lore podcast. We discuss the folklore of Scotland, especially the Shetland and Orkney islands, including the Finfolk, Kelpies, and Selkies, as well as the Norse influence on the region and the importance of great stories in our childhoods. 

This is the Northern Myths Podcast, an archetypal exploration of the myths and legends of Northern Europe, including Norse mythology, the Finnish Kalevala, and more. If you'd like to support the show you can support us on Patreon here: Northern Myths Podcast Patreon

Books referenced in this episode:
John Gregorson Campbell - The Gaelic Otherworld
Reimund Kvideland & Henning K. Sehmsdorf - Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend
Geddes & Grosset - Celtic Mythology
James MacKinlay - Folklore of the Scottish Lochs and Springs

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