This is a story about moving on after a period of grief. In the aftermath of the Fate of Aino, Väinämöinen struggles to come to terms with the loss of his betrothed. We also explore the symbolic parallels to how society treats its younger generations.

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The Kalevala is the epic national poem of Finland. Compiled by Elias Lönnrot from folk poetry from throughout Finland, Karelia, Estonia, and what is now northwest Russia, the Kalevala describes the worldview of the Finnish people from ancient times through to the modern day. It includes the adventures of Väinämöinen and Joukahainen, Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen, from the distant lands of Pohjola, to Kalevala's wide heathlands.

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Show Outline:

0:00:00 - Introduction to Kalevala Runo 5 - Väinämöinen's Fishing. Recap of the Fate of Aino.
0:06:37 - Lines 01 - 12: Väinämöinen grieves over the passing of Aino. He did not mean for harm to come to her.
0:23:41 - Lines 13 - 34: Väinämöinen seeks the wisdom of Untamo, the spirit of sleep. Soul searching in the unconscious mind.
0:35:46 - Lines 35 - 72: Väinämöinen goes fishing and catches the most beautiful fish he's ever seen.
0:45:13 - Lines 73 - 144: The fish turns out to be Aino, and Väinämöinen asks her to return. She escapes, never to return.
1:09:15 - Lines 145 - 164: Väinämöinen tries to catch Aino again, and catches many other fish, but never Aino.
1:15:43 - Lines 165 - 191: Väinämöinen realizes the error of his ways and how he was at fault for the loss of Aino.
1:21:14 - Lines 192 - 241: Väinämöinen receives wisdom from his dead mother, who tells him to pursue the maids of Pohja.
1:32:59 - Recap of Kalevala Runo 5.

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