We continue our series on the Kalevala with our second episode on Kalevala Runo 1. We hear about the creation of the world by Ilmatar and the birth of Väinämöinen, and we delve into the ancient bear cults practiced around the world and by the Finnic peoples.

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The Kalevala is the epic national poem of Finland. Compiled by Elias Lönnrot from folk poetry from throughout Finland, Karelia, Estonia, and what is now northwest Russia, the Kalevala describes the worldview of the Finnish people from ancient times through to the modern day. It includes the adventures of Väinämöinen and Joukahainen, Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen, from the distant lands of Pohjola, to Kalevala's wide heathlands.

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Show Outline:

0:00:00 - Introduction and Recap of Kalevala Runo 1
0:19:01 - Lines 178-194: A teal appears in the sky looking for a place to nest and Ilmatar's prayer is answered
0:31:20 - Lines 195-212: Ilmatar offers her knee so the teal can make a nest
0:38:49 - Lines 213-244: The teal's eggs fall from Ilmatar into the sea
0:56:13 - Lines 245-254: Ilmatar floats in potential
0:59:43 - Lines 255-280: Ilmatar makes order out of chaos and creates a new world
1:11:56 - Lines 281-288: Väinämöinen is still not born
1:17:33 - Lines 289-300: Väinämöinen wants to be born
1:25:26 - Lines 301-314: Väinämöinen prays to the moon, sun, and great bear
1:45:47 - Lines 315-344: Väinämöinen is born and ends up on land
1:55:25 - Conclusion and acknowledgements

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