We return to the story of the Death of Baldr through the famous poem Baldrs Draumar, or Baldr's Dreams, where Odin rides down into the underworld to f...View Details

We continue our series on the Kalevala with Runo 8 - Väinämöinen's Wound. Väinämöinen gets distracted on his way home from Pohjola when he sees ...View Details

Our good friend Noah Tetzner from the History of Vikings podcast joins us for the second time on the anniversary of his podcast! We talk about some of...View Details

In this episode we read Alvissmal, or the Words of All-Wise, from the Poetic Edda. The dwarf Alvis (or All-Wise) visits Thor's hall to bring back Thor...View Details

Väinämöinen has been shot down into the sea by Joukahainen. Where he goes from there and who he meets will set the biggest story of the Kalevala in...View Details

We are joined for the second time by Siobhan Clark, author of Children of Midgard and host of the Myth Legend & Lore podcast. We discuss the folkl...View Details

Hear how Volund is captured by the evil king Nithuth, and how he gets his revenge. We explore themes relating to society and technology, and the dange...View Details

This is the conclusion of the story of Joukahainen, and this poem wraps up some of the themes which started in the Runos 3 to 5. As Väinämöinen tra...View Details

In this episode we cover some of the history and traditions of Yule, the pre-Christian midwinter festival of the Norse and Germanic peoples. We discus...View Details

This humorous story involves Thor, Loki, and Freya retrieving a stolen Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, from the giant Thrym. Among other things, Thor get...View Details

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